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Unveiling the New CLE Coupe: A Sporty and Elegant Masterpiece

Mercedes-Benz continues its rich legacy of crafting sporty and elegant dream cars with the introduction of the all-new CLE Coupe. This independent series showcases the conceptual and technical innovations derived from the C-Class and E-Class models. With its expressive design, exclusive comfort features, and confident, sporty performance, the CLE Coupe sets new standards in its segment. The 2024 Mercedes-Benz CLE Coupe is set to arrive at U.S. dealerships in early 2024, while the CLE Cabriolet will follow, offering an open-air experience for connoisseurs.

Iconic Design that Captivates: The CLE Coupe’s striking exterior design boasts a long wheelbase, prominently inclined A-pillar, short front overhang, and slightly longer rear overhang, along with well-defined shoulders and large wheel arches. These sporty and elegant proportions seamlessly blend with the modern design language of Mercedes-Benz. Following the brand’s philosophy of Sensual Purity, the result is a dynamic and powerful design that exudes emotion from every angle.

Athletic Appeal: The front section of the CLE Coupe features a progressively forward-leaning design, known as the “shark nose,” with a sleek hood, distinctive flat LED headlights, and a newly designed three-dimensional radiator grille. The muscular power domes on the long hood signify the potent engines available, including up to six cylinders. The vehicle’s profile is defined by a distinctive character line that extends from the headlight to the exterior mirror and from the taillight to the door handle. The back end showcases flowing surfaces, seamless transitions, and striking two-part LED taillights with unique contours and three-dimensional light bodies.

Ample Space: As the largest coupe in the midsize segment, the new two-door CLE Coupe measures 191 inches in length, 73.2 inches in width, and 56.2 inches in height. Its dimensional concept, including a 1-inch longer wheelbase compared to the C-Class Coupe, provides more interior space. Rear passengers enjoy an additional 0.4 inches of headroom, 0.75 inches of shoulder and elbow room, and 2.8 inches of knee room. The trunk offers an extra 2.1 cu-ft of space, easily accommodating three golf bags.

Sporty Luxury: Inside the CLE Coupe, you’ll find a free-standing 12.3-inch fully digital driver display and an 11.9-inch driver-oriented central display in a user-friendly portrait format. The enhanced 64-color ambient lighting, available as standard, extends from the center console to beneath the outer air vents, creating a captivating atmosphere. The doors feature illuminated strips that run along the contours of the armrest and beltline, enhancing the overall interior aesthetic. The integral sport design front seats, developed exclusively for the CLE, offer exceptional comfort. With the standard Burmester® 3D surround sound system with Dolby Atmos®, each front seat boasts two speakers integrated into the headrests, providing an immersive and personalized music experience.

Convenient Functionality: A first for Mercedes-Benz, the front seats can be unlocked with an elegant Nappa leather loop located conveniently at the upper edge of the backrest.

Cutting-Edge MBUX Technology: The CLE Coupe incorporates numerous digital innovations from the new E-Class, making it the most intelligent coupe from Mercedes-Benz. Equipped with the latest generation MBUX infotainment system and new electronics architecture, it offers an exceptionally interactive entertainment experience, including third-party apps and personalized automated convenience functions.

Electrified Performance: The available engines in the CLE Coupe are exclusively mild hybrids with an integrated starter generator and a 48-volt electrical system.These powertrains include 2.0-liter four-cylinder and 3.0-liter inline-six options, delivering a thrilling yet efficient driving experience.

Enhanced Safety Features: The CLE Coupe prioritizes safety with a range of driver assistance systems, some of which have been further developed for enhanced performance. Standard equipment includes ATTENTION ASSIST, Active Brake Assist, and the Parking Package with a reversing camera, ensuring peace of mind on the road.

Classic Coupe Design for a Sporty and Elegant Presence: The all-new CLE Coupe showcases an exterior design that combines athletic proportions with a dynamic character line that gracefully adorns its profile. From the aerodynamic front end with its striking “shark nose” and unique headlight and radiator grille design to the powerful and seamless rear with captivating taillights, the CLE Coupe captivates from every angle. Its sculptural appearance, characterized by flowing surfaces and seamless transitions, represents a perfect balance between progressive dynamics and elegant aesthetics.

Expressive Front: Introducing the Striking Three-Dimensional Radiator Grille

The front section of the CLE Coupe exudes a progressive and bold character with its uniquely designed elements. The “shark nose” front fascia, featuring a low-slung hood and sleek LED headlights, instantly catches the eye. At the center, the radiator grille takes center stage with its three-dimensional chrome grille and a glossy black single louver with chrome trim. This grille design showcases the iconic Mercedes-Benz pattern, exuding a sense of sophistication. The A-shape design of the radiator grille further emphasizes the Coupe’s dynamic and powerful stance, perfectly complemented by the chrome-framed central air intake in the front fascia, adding a touch of sportiness.

Illuminating Technology: LED High Performance Headlights and Digital Light Option

The CLE Coupe comes standard with LED High Performance headlights that feature a newly designed trifunctional light, combining daytime running lights, position lights, and direction indicators. For those seeking advanced lighting technology, the optional DIGITAL LIGHT headlights are available. These headlights feature two daytime running light ellipses and offer blue illumination at the headlight base, creating a distinctive and dynamic appearance. The optional DIGITAL LIGHT headlights also offer a unique light animation to welcome and bid farewell to passengers, adding a touch of elegance to the overall experience.

Powerful Rear: Striking LED Taillights with Three-Dimensional Light Bodies

The rear of the CLE Coupe is a testament to its powerful presence. The smooth and flowing surfaces capture attention, while the distinctive two-part LED taillights steal the show. These taillights feature new contours and boast three-dimensional light bodies, providing a visually captivating rear design. The taillights are connected by a dark red design element, further enhancing the Coupe’s width. On the standard CLE 300 4MATIC, C-shaped trim parts elegantly frame the chrome strip, resembling a clasp that adds a touch of sophistication.

Unmatched Dimensions: The Largest Coupe in its Segment

The CLE Coupe’s dimensional concept sets it apart as the largest coupe in its segment. With its impressive size, measuring 191 inches in length, 73.2 inches in width, and 56.2 inches in height, the CLE Coupe offers generous space and an imposing presence on the road. It surpasses the dimensions of the C-Class Coupe, while being slightly flatter and longer than the E-Class Coupe, truly making it a standout among its peers.

Sporty Luxury with a Spacious Interior

Step inside the new CLE Coupe and experience a blend of sporty luxury and generous space. The interior design is centered around the driver, offering a truly immersive experience. A free-standing 12.3-inch fully digital driver display and an 11.9-inch central display take center stage, providing essential information and controls. The central display is oriented in portrait format, slightly angled towards the driver by six degrees, emphasizing its driver-focused nature.

Adding to the ambiance, the interior features dynamic ambient lighting with 64 color options. Indirect lighting illuminates the trim strip of the instrument panel, cup holders, overhead control unit, door handles, seat adjustment unit, and front footwell. A strip of light sweeps from the center console to beneath the outer air vents, creating a sense of spaciousness. Light strips in the doors run along the armrests and beltline, enhancing the overall interior aesthetic.

The CLE Coupe offers exclusive seats in an integral sports design, specially developed for this model. These seats boast an avant-garde sports design with integrated headrests. Paired with the standard Burmester® 3D surround sound system, each front seat features two speakers at the headrest level, providing a personalized and immersive music experience with Dolby Atmos® technology. The CLE Coupe also offers multi-contour seats with heating and an electro-pneumatic four-way lumbar support as standard. Ventilated and seven-zone massaging front seats are available as optional upgrades, further enhancing comfort.

The user interface in the CLE Coupe is intuitive and visually appealing. The driver display can be customized with different styles, such as “Classic,” “Sport,” and “Understated.” The central display allows direct access to various settings for media, vehicle functions, connectivity, and more, with user-friendly main icons.

Accessing the rear cabin is made easy with the new EASY-ENTRY function. Uniquely designed Nappa leather loops, conveniently positioned at the upper edge of the backrest, unlock the front seats, allowing passengers to enter the rear. An optimized warning system alerts occupants if their seatbelts are not fastened, prioritizing safety.

The CLE Coupe offers a range of customization options, including a selection of colors and high-quality materials. The standard and AMG Line trims feature Black MB-TEX upholstery, which incorporates a significant percentage of recycled materials. Optional leather seats are available in various colors, such as Macchiato Beige/Black, Tonka Brown/Black, and Power Red/Black. The leather upholstery is sustainably processed, using plant-based tanning agents.

With its longer wheelbase compared to the C-Class Coupe, the CLE Coupe provides a spacious interior. Rear passengers enjoy additional headroom, shoulder room, elbow room, and knee room compared to its counterparts. The trunk offers ample space, accommodating three golf bags with ease.

The interior of the CLE Coupe seamlessly combines sporty luxury, advanced technology, and spaciousness, providing an unparalleled driving experience.

Intelligent and Interactive Infotainment and Comfort

The new CLE Coupe sets new standards for intelligence and interaction with its cutting-edge infotainment and comfort features.

Latest Generation MBUX Infotainment: The CLE Coupe adopts the latest electronic architecture and the third generation of the MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) infotainment system, making it the most intelligent coupe from Mercedes-Benz. The MBUX system, voice assistant, instrument cluster, central display, and optional head-up display are all powered by a central vehicle computer, enhancing performance and connectivity. With 5G technology available in select markets, data transmission is faster than ever before, allowing for seamless communication and higher data rates.

Interactive Entertainment: The CLE Coupe offers an extraordinary level of interactivity with its infotainment system. It features a new Android compatibility layer, enabling the installation of third-party apps. At market launch, popular apps such as “TikTok,” “Angry Birds,” “Webex,” and “Zoom” will be available. Additionally, the optional entertainment portal, ZYNC3, provides video streaming, on-demand content, interactive experiences, sports, news, and more. Mercedes-Benz continues to integrate new partners and channels to enrich the entertainment experience.

Online Music Streaming: The MBUX infotainment system integrates the largest music streaming providers, including Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, and Tidal, through the “Online Music” service. Customers can access their personal user profiles from these providers, allowing them to enjoy their favorite songs, playlists, and discover millions of songs and curated playlists.

Powerful Voice Assistant: The “Hey Mercedes” voice assistant is highly capable of dialogue and learning. With the “Just Talk” function, the voice control can be activated without saying “Hey Mercedes” when the driver is alone in the vehicle. The voice assistant provides explanations of vehicle functions and helps with various tasks, such as Bluetooth connectivity. It can also recognize individual occupants based on their voice characteristics, granting access to personal data and functions through profile activation.

Personalization and Synchronization: The CLE Coupe offers extensive personalization options, allowing customers to create their profiles directly in the vehicle and synchronize them with their Mercedes me account. Up to seven different profiles with approximately 800 parameters can be stored. Personal preferences, including ambient lighting settings, favorite radio stations, and default configurations, can be transferred to the car via the customer’s Mercedes me profile.

Automated Comfort Functions: Mercedes-Benz is working on automating comfort functions using artificial intelligence. The vehicle learns the driver’s repeated comfort system preferences at specific times and conditions, automatically executing them. Navigation, radio, and telephone apps already propose concrete actions based on the driver’s regular usage. Over 20 other functions, including birthday reminders and to-do list suggestions, are intelligently offered to enhance the driver’s experience.

Routines for Personalized Adaptation: The CLE Coupe introduces the innovative routines from the new E-Class. Customers can utilize standard routine templates and create their own routines. These routines automate comfort functions based on personal habits, making the driving experience more seamless and tailored to individual needs.

The CLE Coupe takes infotainment and comfort to the next level, providing intelligent, interactive, and personalized features that enhance every aspect of the driving experience.

Immersive Sound Experience with Unparalleled Clarity

The CLE Coupe offers an exceptional sound system that delivers an immersive audio experience with unrivaled clarity.

Burmester® 3D Surround Sound System: The CLE Coupe comes standard with the Burmester® 3D surround sound system, providing a superior audio experience. This system takes audio immersion to new heights by integrating Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos®. The combination of these technologies creates a multi-dimensional soundstage that envelops both the driver and passengers, offering an unparalleled sense of spaciousness and clarity. With Dolby Atmos®, individual instruments and voices can be precisely positioned within the listening area, resulting in a truly captivating sound animation. Unlike conventional stereo systems, Dolby Atmos® utilizes the full audio range, offering a 360-degree sound experience. The Burmester® 3D surround sound system boasts 17 speakers, including two speakers placed near each ear in the front seats, ensuring an immersive audio experience for everyone in the vehicle.

Spatial Audio from Apple Music: Customers with an Apple Music subscription can enjoy an extensive selection of songs and albums available in Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos®. Universal Music Group (UMG), the world’s largest music label, actively encourages artists to produce music in Dolby Atmos®. By doing so, UMG enables artists to evaluate their final mix in a Mercedes-Benz vehicle, setting a new standard for audio quality. To recognize music mixed and approved specifically for Dolby Atmos® in vehicles, UMG introduced the “Approved in a Mercedes-Benz” seal, signifying the highest level of implementation and quality.

The CLE Coupe’s sound system, with its integration of Spatial Audio and Dolby Atmos®, offers an unmatched audio experience that transports occupants to the heart of the music, delivering exceptional clarity and a truly immersive soundstage.

Electrified Engines for Spirited Driving Performance

The CLE Coupe offers a range of powertrain options, including electrified engines that deliver spirited driving performance.

Mild Hybrid Technology: The CLE Coupe features a selection of four-cylinder and six-cylinder mild-hybrid powertrains from Mercedes-Benz’s modular engine family FAME (Family of Modular Engines). These engines are equipped with a second-generation integrated starter generator (ISG) and a 48-volt on-board electrical system. The ISG provides additional support at lower engine speeds, enhancing power development and improving fuel efficiency. The ISG enables functions such as coasting, boost, and recuperation, contributing to significant fuel savings. The engines start quickly and smoothly, making the start-stop function seamless and ensuring a seamless transition from coasting to powerful propulsion. The ISG has been upgraded, increasing the electric motor’s power output from 21 to 23 horsepower, with a boost torque of 148 lb-ft.

Powerful Six-Cylinder Engine: The top engine option is a 3.0-liter inline-six (M 256 M) that combines a twin-scroll turbocharger with the ISG. This configuration ensures excellent power delivery without turbo lag. The exhaust ducts of three cylinders are cleverly combined in a dual-flow exhaust manifold, resulting in rapid boost pressure build-up, immediate torque delivery, and quick engine response at low engine speeds. The CLE 450 4MATIC, equipped with this engine, generates an impressive 375 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque, offering exhilarating driving performance.

Innovative Four-Cylinder Engine: The CLE Coupe also offers a four-cylinder engine (M 254) that embodies the latest innovations from the FAME engine family. This engine produces 255 horsepower and incorporates advanced technologies such as NANOSLIDE® cylinder coating, CONICSHAPE® cylinder honing, a segment turbocharger with variable flow connection, and an exhaust gas aftertreatment system integrated directly onto the engine. The engine also features CAMTRONIC technology, which enables two-stage valve lift switching for optimized performance.

With these electrified engines, the CLE Coupe delivers spirited and dynamic driving performance while also offering enhanced fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. Whether you choose the powerful six-cylinder or the innovative four-cylinder option, the CLE Coupe provides an exhilarating driving experience.

Enhanced Transmission and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

The new CLE Coupe features several advancements in its transmission and driver assistance systems, enhancing performance and safety.

Transmission Development: The 9G-TRONIC transmission has been further developed to accommodate the integrated starter generator (ISG) of the mild hybrid powertrains. The electric motor, power electronics, and transmission cooler have been integrated into or onto the transmission, eliminating the need for additional lines and resulting in space and weight advantages. The transmission’s efficiency has also been improved, thanks to optimized interaction with the electric auxiliary oil pump, which has reduced the delivery volume of the mechanical pump by 30 percent compared to its predecessor. The new generation of fully integrated transmission control with a multi-core processor and new assembly and connection technology offers increased computing power, reduced electrical interfaces, and a 30 percent weight reduction compared to the previous version.

Enhanced 4MATIC All-Wheel Drive: The 4MATIC all-wheel drive system has been further developed for the CLE Coupe. With front-axle drive, higher torque transmission is possible, and ideal axle load distributions for superior driving dynamics can be achieved. Additionally, the updated system offers a significant weight advantage compared to its predecessor, contributing to improved overall performance.

Sporty and Comfortable Suspension: The suspension of the new CLE Coupe strikes a balance between sporty agility and exceptional comfort for long-distance driving. The front wheels are precisely guided on four links each, enhancing dynamic handling. The rear axle features a multi-link construction with a five-link concept, providing good wheel control and stability. As standard, the CLE Coupe is lowered by 0.6 inches, giving it a more dynamic appearance. The CLE 300 4MATIC comes with a comfort suspension that combines supreme driving comfort with sporty directness, continuously adapting rolling behavior, damping effect, and stabilization to the road surface. The CLE 450 4MATIC and the CLE 300 4MATIC with the AMG package feature a sports suspension with a stiffer design and enhanced damping, as well as sports direct steering for more precise handling and agility. This sporty chassis tuning reduces body roll during fast cornering or quick maneuvers, further enhancing the driving experience.

Comprehensive Driver Assistance Systems: The CLE Coupe comes equipped with an extensive range of standard driver assistance systems. These include ATTENTION ASSIST, Active Brake Assist, Active Lane Keeping Assist, Speed Limit Assist, and the parking package with a reversing camera. For even greater safety and convenience, an optional Driver Assistance Package is available, offering more than ten latest-generation assistance and safety systems. Some notable features of the package include:

  • Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC: Offers additional functions such as reaction to stationary vehicles, automatic restart, and automatic speed transfer up to 130 mph.
  • Intersection Approach Function: Provides safety when approaching intersections with cross traffic, indicating the direction from which cross traffic is approaching through intuitive arrows on the instrument display and triggering audio-visual collision warnings if the driver attempts to pull away. The system can automatically apply the brakes to prevent the vehicle from moving off and can be canceled by fully depressing the accelerator pedal.
  • Active Steering Assist: Provides support for lane following and enables automatic restart after coming to a standstill on highways and in city traffic. The system alerts the driver via a vibrating steering wheel if lane markings cannot be clearly identified.
  • Active Lane Change Assist: Cooperatively supports lane changes when the neighboring lane is separated by a broken lane marking and no vehicles are detected in the safety area.
  • Active Emergency Stop Assist: Brakes the vehicle to a standstill in its own lane if it detects that the driver is no longer continuously intervening in the driving process. The system uses hazard warning lights to warn traffic behind when the vehicle is travelingat speeds below 37 mph.
  • Active Brake Assist with Cross-Traffic Function: Uses sensors to detect the risk of collision with a vehicle ahead, crossing traffic, or oncoming traffic. It provides visual and acoustic warnings and can increase braking torque or initiate emergency braking if the driver’s response is insufficient.
  • Avoidance Steering Assistant: Supports the driver in avoiding a detected road user in a dangerous situation, including pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles.
  • Active Lane Keeping Assist: Uses a camera to detect lane markings and edges, helping the driver avoid unintentionally leaving the lane. It can also provide steering intervention and warnings if there is a risk of collision with other road users in the neighboring lane.
  • Active Blind Spot Assist: Provides visual and audible warnings of side collisions and can intervene to correct the lane at the last moment if the driver initiates a lane change when a vehicle is passing in the critical area. It also warns against exiting the vehicle when a vehicle or bicycle is passing nearby.
  • PRE-SAFE® PLUS: Takes action to mitigate the effects of an imminent rear-end collision by triggering preventive occupant protection measures, including reversible belt tensioners. If the vehicle is stationary, PRE-SAFE® PLUS can lock the brakes to reduce forward motion and the risk of whiplash.
  • PRE-SAFE® Impulse Side: Helps move the front occupant away from the side of a potential collision by inflating air chambers in the side bolsters of the front seat backrests.
  • Parking Systems: The Active Parking Assist PARKTRONIC has been improved for faster and more intuitive operation. The starting process can be performed through the central display, and the automatic parking and driving out process is now quicker. Warning tones during parking have been eliminated, simplifying the parking experience.

With these advanced driver assistance systems, the CLE Coupe offers comprehensive safety and support for drivers in various situations, enhancing both convenience and peace of mind on the road.

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