Tesla Model 3 Performance

Tesla Model 3 Performance

Six years after the first Model 3 Performance deliveries, Tesla is excited to introduce the new Model 3 Performance: a highly refined performance model that leverages Tesla’s latest manufacturing and engineering advancements to create what we consider the perfect, high-performance daily driver. Building on the quality and platform improvements of the latest Model 3, the new Model 3 Performance offers our most driver-focused experience yet.

Performance-Tuned Chassis

The new Model 3 Performance incorporates the latest Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) and comfort improvements from the new Model 3, along with bespoke chassis hardware that enhances performance and stiffness while reducing mass. This includes adaptive dampers with hollow damper piston rods, a multi-sectioned stabilizer bar, ultra-high strength steel springs, and stiffer suspension top mounts. These updates result in a more capable, performance-oriented chassis that maximises the effectiveness of the new technologies beneath the surface.

The Most Powerful Model 3 Yet

The latest generation performance drive unit – Performance 4DU – delivers increased torque, power, and efficiency. Compared to the previous Model 3 Performance drive unit, the Performance 4DU offers up to +22% continuous power, +32% peak power, and +16% peak torque delivery. Behind the wheel, drivers will experience more immediate and sustained acceleration out of corners, thanks to the increased torque. These performance enhancements have been achieved without sacrificing efficiency, with about a 2% reduction in energy consumption compared to the previous Model 3 Performance.

This additional performance is transferred to the road through forged and staggered 20” wheels fitted with Tesla-specific Pirelli P ZERO 4 performance tyres. The staggered wheel fitment provides several benefits:

  • Performance: This setup is optimised for the higher torque output of the 4DU, with a larger contact patch for better traction out of corners while limiting traction control interventions.
  • Comfort: A stronger rear tyre allows for increased overall roll stiffness while reducing head-toss and improving overall comfort.
  • Range: The new Pirelli P ZERO 4 tyres have lower rolling resistance, which increases range.

The unparalleled responsiveness of the electric motors allows us to regulate front and rear motor torque output with millisecond precision. These adjustments, controlled by Tesla’s in-house Vehicle Dynamics Controller (VDC), happen hundreds of times per second. In the new Model 3 Performance, the powertrain torque split is more rear-biased, thanks to the Performance 4DU, maximising traction from the larger rear tyre during corner exits. The result is a driving experience that launches the car out of corners with greater immediacy.

For enhanced braking performance, track-ready brake pads now come standard on the Model 3 Performance*, providing more immediate deceleration and higher thermal limits and endurance.

All-New Adaptive Damping

For the first time in Model 3, and unique to the new Model 3 Performance, our new Adaptive Damping system adjusts to driver and road inputs in real-time to optimise ride and handling while also improving ride comfort. Much like the powertrain, the adaptive suspension is controlled via Tesla’s in-house software, making it a fully integrated chassis sub-system. This allows for significant product adaptability in the future via OTA software updates.

Ride and handling characteristics are now controlled via preset modes:

  • Standard: Offers a relaxed, calm character with significant comfort and absorption improvements while remaining well controlled and engaging in all conditions.
  • Sport: Increases damping control for faster settling times, enhancing connection with the road during focused driving and improving steering response, but still adapts to rougher roads.
  • Track: Maximises body control and response with reduced adaptation to provide high and consistent performance on closed circuits (automatically selected in Track Mode).

Track Mode V3

With the addition of Adaptive Damping, Track Mode V3 now integrates motor controls, suspension controls, powertrain cooling, and Tesla’s Vehicle Dynamics Controller (VDC) into a single, unified system. All-new controls and calibration within the powertrain and adaptive damping result in a more predictable experience that more accurately honours driver requests. Stability controls have been revised to allow drivers to explore the performance envelope in various track environments.

Tesla has also re-calibrated handling balance, stability assist, regenerative braking, and ABS tuning controls to deliver a more consistent and predictable driving experience across different track conditions. The Track Mode V3 UI has been revised to provide more vehicle data and control at your fingertips.

Functional, Performance-Focused Design

The new Model 3 Performance features significant design differentiation compared to base models, including front and rear fascias, a spoiler, front splitter, and rear diffuser. These new design elements are not merely aesthetic; they offer significant aerodynamic performance and improved end-to-end air flow. This focus on aerodynamics spans every surface to create harmony at the component level (from one surface to the next) and as a complete system (entire vehicle). Compared to the previous generation Model 3 Performance, these design elements generate several major benefits, including up to -5% reduced drag, -36% lift reduction, and 55% improvement in front-to-rear lift balance.

Seats and Interior

Inside, the Model 3 Performance is now equipped with new Sport seats that feature enhanced bolstering and a deeper, more engaging seating position. The new seating geometry and construction provide more lateral support during cornering and dynamic driving while remaining accessible and comfortable for daily driving. The 12-way power seats, with heating and ventilation, ensure customers do not lose any functionality or comfort compared to the RWD or LR AWD trims.

The Model 3 Performance also benefits from the same improved NVH and cabin comfort as the new Model 3 RWD and LR AWD trims, including end-to-end NVH treatment for better noise isolation, 360˚ Acoustic Glass, and improved body baffles and sealing, among other enhancements.


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