Joby Permit to Fly

Permit to Fly

Joby Aviation, Inc. (NYSE: JOBY), a pioneer in the development of all-electric aircraft for commercial passenger service, proudly announces the receipt of a Special Airworthiness Certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for its inaugural aircraft produced at the Pilot Production Line in Marina, California. This significant milestone allows Joby to commence flight testing of its initial production prototype.

Joby acknowledges the instrumental role played by Toyota in the design, production, and assembly of its aircraft as it establishes the Pilot Production Line. To commemorate the commencement of production, Tetsuo “Ted” Ogawa, President and Chief Executive Officer of Toyota Motor North America, will join over 1,000 guests and team members at Joby’s Marina facility today.

As Ogawa is set to join Joby’s Board of Directors on July 1, 2023, he expresses his congratulations to Joby on achieving this important milestone and affirms Toyota’s commitment to closer collaboration as Joby prepares for production scalability and operational launch.

Toyota holds the distinction of being Joby’s largest external shareholder, with a significant investment of approximately $400 million in the company. Furthermore, Joby and Toyota have recently solidified a long-term agreement for the supply of powertrain and actuation components, strengthening their partnership even further.


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