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Aston Martin is accelerating its efforts to create the most exhilarating and highly sought-after electric performance cars in the world. In a significant milestone, the company has formed a groundbreaking supply agreement with Lucid Group, a leading electric vehicle technologies company. This partnership will drive Aston Martin’s high-performance electrification strategy and long-term growth.

The proposed agreement, announced to the London Stock Exchange, entails Lucid, renowned for its advanced electric powertrains and battery systems, supplying Aston Martin with cutting-edge electric vehicle technologies. These technologies, including both current and future powertrain and battery advancements from Lucid, will be integral to Aston Martin’s brand-new in-house Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) platform.

Aston Martin’s electrification program is a key element of its broader Racing. Green. sustainability strategy, which involves an investment of over £2 billion in advanced technologies over the next five years. This investment will gradually shift from internal combustion engine (ICE) technology to BEV technology.

Lawrence Stroll, Executive Chairman of Aston Martin, describes the supply agreement with Lucid as a game-changer for Aston Martin’s future EV-led growth. He emphasizes that Lucid’s industry-leading technologies will enhance Aston Martin’s BEV products and drive experience, aligning with their ultra-luxury, high-performance strategy. Stroll highlights the strategic partnerships with both Lucid and Mercedes-Benz, enabling Aston Martin to access world-class suppliers for their electrification strategy. Additionally, the recent long-term partnership with Geely will provide opportunities to tap into Chinese market expertise and technologies.

Aston Martin’s track record of creating intelligent and adaptable vehicle platforms is exceptional. The bespoke platform developed by Aston Martin will underpin their entire future range of electrified models, spanning hypercars, sports cars, GTs, and SUVs. The first model on this platform is targeted for launch in 2025. Prior to that, Aston Martin will introduce its first plug-in hybrid, the Valhalla, in 2024. By 2026, all new Aston Martin models will offer an electrified powertrain option, with the ultimate goal of fully electrifying their core range by 2030.

As part of the agreement, Mercedes-Benz AG will continue to provide Aston Martin access to a range of world-class technologies, including powertrain and electric/electronic architectures for current and future Aston Martin vehicles.

Roberto Fedeli, Chief Technology Officer of Aston Martin, emphasizes that the agreement with Lucid plays a significant role in their electrification strategy. The collaboration will enable Aston Martin to create a bespoke BEV platform suitable for all future models, from hypercars to sports cars and SUVs. Fedeli affirms their commitment to expanding their in-house powertrain capabilities to deliver thrilling performance and an exhilarating driving experience synonymous with Aston Martin.

The transition to hybrid and battery-electric powertrains poses an elemental challenge for Aston Martin, a brand renowned for its emotional internal combustion engines. However, with Lucid’s cutting-edge powertrain technology and advanced Mercedes-Benz electronic architecture, the forthcoming family of electrified Aston Martins will be propelled by sustainable, next-generation technology. These vehicles will offer an optimal blend of scintillating performance and exceptional vehicle dynamics, characterized by exceptional battery system efficiency, precise power delivery to each wheel, and advanced torque vectoring capabilities.

Assisting in this pursuit is Aston Martin Performance Technologies (AMPT), the consulting arm of the Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One® team. AMPT applies Formula One® methodologies and expertise to accelerate the development, increase efficiency, and enhance performance in Aston Martin road car programs.

Active aerodynamics, drag reduction, intelligent powertrain management, and sleek bodywork optimized for airflow will further enhance the efficiency and range of Aston Martin’s future BEV models. Collaborations with partners like Brembo and Pirelli aim to push the boundaries of performance and efficiency, with advancements in brake-by-wire technology and the latest generation of tires featuring sensor-based technology.

The supply agreement with Lucid underscores Aston Martin’s unwavering commitment to building a world-leading sustainable, ultra-luxury, high-performance brand. From developing a range of ICE, PHEV, and BEV vehicles to competing in Formula One®, Aston Martin’s Racing. Green. sustainability strategy exemplifies its dedication to creating exceptional cars for future generations.

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